Our NEW Sister Company


Thistle Hill Botanicals has found a few fine product lines we just have to share with the stores that sell our Natural products. Stay tuned for more news! We are repping a few fine lines at this time in most of the state of Virginia.

STOP Buying Expensive & Toxic Surface Cleaners!

You might have seen this already but it is worth repeating!

Here is a GREAT way to SAVE $$$$ AND get more nasty chemicals out of your life!  Extremely versatile, inexpensive, all-natural, and effective with a low acidity of 5 percent, white vinegar is truly a hard worker and a great value.

This is so EASY AND Effective!

First of all you get to eat and enjoy some oranges, lemons, or limes!  As you peel your citrus save the peels and place them in a canning jar into plain and inexpensive white vinegar.  You will wish to use a quart or half gallon jar with lid.  I let mine sit for at least one week.  The essential oils and wonderful fragrance of the citrus will infuse into the white vinegar.

Then just pull out the peels and pour into a spray bottle and clean until your heart is content!



September 4th is Opening Day at Yoga Jam of Floyd AND…..

The Launch of our Indiegogo Campaign!  There will be Special perks for Yoginis and lots of special perks for contributors.  We are expanding our business to bring you more Wholesome and Effective products at great prices.

Natural does NOT have to mean Wimpy!Wait until 9/4/15 then checkout the Fabulous perks!    Thank you!

Find the Indiegogo page here:  http://igg.me/at/finally



Update on baby Barn Swallows! First Flight :)


I just had to post this.  I happened to be in the barn on the VERY day they learned to fly. I was lucky to get some photos.  The babies are out in the world now. At the time I took this photo, I do not think that this little baby knew what he was supposed to do with the fly, I am sure he will learn.   They have not even come back to visit  🙁

Baby Barn Swallows!

bird nest

There is always one with a big mouth!  These little babies will grow into their beaks and become lovely, graceful adult barn swallows!  Click on image to see larger.