This is my FAVORITE Reusable Mug Ever!

This is my FAVORITE Reusable Mug Ever!

I have tried SO many before.

This one is handblown, glass with silicone lid and wrap.  The packaging is eco friendly too.

It is a joy to use, you do not even have to tip your head.  It comes in different colors.

Many places offer discounts if you bring your own mug in.

Here is the link to get yours:

I prefer the 16 ounce size, they do also come smaller and of course those cost a bit less.

I think this makes an amazing gift for anyone!

Earth Day April 22 2018

Earth Day, Birds

Earth Day, Earth MattersEarth Matters, Earth Day Shirt

Are you ready for Earth Day! On Earth Day April 22 2018, many communities have special events.  Learn more about Zero Waste, Recycling, and living a bit more green. Here is a site with more info on Zero Waste.  I am not there yet, but baby steps….baby steps…. 

Thistle Hill Botanicals is proud to say that in the years that we have been shipping out orders we have only bought packing materials twice!  Most of the time we reuse packing we are gifted from local businesses.  When we deliver orders to stores in our region in person we do not use boxes!  We have colorful buckets purchased 10 years ago at a farm store that we use to make our deliveries!  We are always looking for ways to have a smaller footprint.

Here are the links to our “sister stores” with more T Shirts!   

and here is one more:

If you have any “Green” Ideas to share, feel free to do so on our Facebook page.  I will start a post and there will be room for comments.  I would really LOVE to hear your ideas!

There are more Earth Day choices (Including our Exclusive Eco-Warrior T)  and a few options that just might make you smile.

Thank you for being part of Thistle Hill Botanicals Journey.

Happy Earth Day