This is my FAVORITE Reusable Mug Ever!

This is my FAVORITE Reusable Mug Ever!

I have tried SO many before.

This one is handblown, glass with silicone lid and wrap.  The packaging is eco friendly too.

It is a joy to use, you do not even have to tip your head.  It comes in different colors.

Many places offer discounts if you bring your own mug in.

Here is the link to get yours:

I prefer the 16 ounce size, they do also come smaller and of course those cost a bit less.

I think this makes an amazing gift for anyone!

Attention Coffee Lovers!

IMG_1479 coffeeDo we have a NEW product for you!  Or a GREAT gift idea for the Coffee Lover in your life!

Made with Organic Sugars, Organic Oils, and Fair Trade Coffee!  Wholesome and Effective COFFEE BODY SCRUB.  This smells fabulous!  Packaged in our NEW PET BPA Free 8 ounce  emerald green containers!

Need help waking up?  This will help you and your skin wake up!

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We are also offering this product with a CUSTOM label for COFFEE SHOPS and WEDDINGS.  Pricing will be wholesale if you order over 18 pcs.  Please email for more info:  [email protected]