All Natural Soothing Eczema Salve

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Our All Natural Soothing Eczema Salve is one of our top sellers. This salve is great for traditional eczema, cuticles that are dry and cracked from the winter or hard work, as well as knuckles, elbows, and dry spots. This will soon be your favorite dry skin helper and will help keep annoying dry skin away.

One tip that most customers love is keeping it in the fridge until you need it. This keeps it fresh, but also cold, so it’ll feel great. Plus it’s made from all natural ingredients.

* Organic Herbs & Flowers
* Soothes and Heals
* Long Lasting
* BPA Free reusable container

Made with Olive & Grape seed oils, echinacea, lavender, chamomile, comfrey, dandelion, beeswax, vitamin E & essential oils. Stay away from those chemical-filled options that only work part of the time. We carefully select herbs and flowers to soothe and heal the extra dry patches that eczema causes.

A little bit of history, our All Natural Soothing Eczema Salve is one of the first products we started making many years ago when we started selling at farmer’s markets. While the labeling and the containers have improved, our certified organic herbs and other quality ingredients have stayed exactly the same!

If you are looking for a salve that works very well on diaper rash look here: Calming Tushie Salve for Diaper Rash – Mom Approved

We make our products with love in small batches. We produce all of our products in Floyd, Virginia USA in the heart of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

3 reviews for All Natural Soothing Eczema Salve

  1. Leah D.

    I have been SO happy with the results I’ve seen since using this product on my son. His Eczema is really bad and he’s only 3 so its pitiful when he’s itching and in pain. This calms his skin, soothes it and takes away the itch. Thank you!!! <3

    • roni

      Thank you for taking the time to write Leah. Our Eczema salve is one of the first two products we started with many years ago at Farmers Markets! It is designed to help heal as well as soothe. So glad your son is feeling some relief!

  2. Lara Blue

    I bought this product over the weekend. Returned to work this am and my Co workers were astonished at how much better my hands were. I have been dealing with a skin issue in the palms of my hands for almost a month. TODAY i finally have relief. I am SO happy I stumbled across this product.

    • roni

      Our Eczema salve is one of our 1st products! It is great on cuticles also 🙂 Thank you for writing!

  3. Erin Rickard

    I picked up a pot of this salve at Yoder’s in Madison, VA. After seeing the magic it worked on my hands in one night, I went back and bought two more pots to share with family. I’ve tried many drugstore lotions and creams over the years and most help with dry skin or the itch, but not both, and this salve does. This will save my skin this winter – thank you!!

    • roni

      Thank you Erin! I am so glad this has worked well for you! It also has been tried on dried up and crackek dog noses very successfully 🙂 (although this is an off label use)
      Be well! Rhonda

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