Our Exclusive Kick-Ass Cold Remedy Tea-Immune Support Tea



Many years ago there was an herbalist in New England that made this immune support tea.  She closed her business and left her customers wanting more.  I was asked to make this tea by some of her customers.  The recipe was shared with us.  Thistle Hill Botanicals has made this tea for 10 years now.

This tea is not only beautiful to look at, it gently works to strengthen the immune system. It has a long list of ingredients and each one of them has a special benefit for us.Your tea will come in a lovely clean white bag containing 1.7 ounces which will yield 24 cups

If you like the nifty teapot that I use it can be purchased here, I have had mine for years and I love it!:   https://amzn.to/2MIZ43o

Directions for Use:  Use one tablespoon per cup. Add boiling water and cover to steep 10 minutes. Drink 4 cups per day at first symptoms. It is great hot or cold or room temperature. Feel better soon! Drink lots of water, rest & avoid eating sugar which impairs the immune system.

All Organic Ingredients: Elderberries, Yerba Santa, Ginger, Marshmallow, Raspberry Leaves, Peppermint, Sage, Rose, Violet, Cinnamon, Aswaganda, Orange Peel, Nettles. For Adults Only


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