Goat’s Milk Gardner’s Soap Orange & Clove



Goat’s Milk Gardner’s Soap Orange & Clove is just one of the Goat’s Milk Soaps we have for you. This listing is for our Goat’s Milk Soap Bar made with pure Essential Oils and Equal Trade Coffee. These soaps contain GREAT stuff! Hemp Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter….and MORE. This soap is GREAT for cleaning dirty hands!  Perfect for folks that tend a garden or anyone with dirty hands.

Our Soap is FREE of Sodium Laureth Sulfate! Rest assured that we use the best quality natural ingredients we can find.

These bars suds up very nicely and leave you feeling clean and fresh. Goat’s Milk has a high level of protein, your skin will thank you.

This is a full size bar 4.5 oz. or a bit more 🙂 Packaged as shown with an ingredient label on the back.

Currently available:

Heavenly Hippie – A wonderfully nice blend of Patchouli and floral notes with amber.

Mint Thyme – Pure Essential Oils that are great for cleaning oily skin or skin with breakouts.

Chilly Water – A Rich and Sexy slightly manly scent

Lavender-Geranium – Classic French Lavender and slightly Rosy Geranium. These two essential oils blend wonderfully together! Colored with a plum colored pure clay that is great for the skin.

La Vie En Rose – An intoxicating blend of many roses. Colored just a bit with ultramarine.

Juicy Citrus – The top note is Orange with a bit of Sweetness. Juicy Citrus contains Tangerine and other fresh citrus notes. Colored with just a bit of Turmeric!

YES These are made by Thistle Hill Botanicals in Floyd, VA where the air and water is AMAZING and there are more cows than people!

In case we run out, there might be a one week or so delay in shipping. We will let you know.


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