Extra Rich Shea Body Butter-Euphoria


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Hydrate & Protect with Extra Rich Shea Body Butter-Euphoria . This is our own very rich body butter with a twist! We have carefully chosen essential oils that will ease pain, relax and penetrate, bringing health and vitality back to your skin. French Lavender, peppermint, cold pressed organic hemp oil, and Arnica Montana are known for pain relief. Euphoria smells great and your skin will feel wonderful!

Feel free to use this almost everywhere!  Arms, Legs, Hands, and Feet. Some of our customers report that our body butters last 24-48 hours nourishing their skin.

Carefully blended to bring soothing moisture and revitalizing nourishment to your skin. Our unique formula absorbs quickly, ensuring full benefits without any greasiness left behind. Our butter recipe will penetrate to bring health and vitality back to your skin.

* Rich and Thick
* Lasts All Day
* Luscious Avocado and Shea Butters
* Soothe & Heal
* Great Gift Idea
* Large 8 ounce BPA Free container
* Not Greasy

So rich and thick that you can hold the Extra Rich Shea Body Butter-Euphoria container upside down and it stays in the jar! We make our products with love in small batches. We produce all of our products with love in Floyd, Virginia USA in the heart of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains where the air and water are clear and there are more cows than people.

Specially prepared to be long lasting. Just a little goes a long way when treating your skin. Essential oils work quickly to reduce skin fatigue, dryness and aging along trouble spots such as arms, legs, hands and bellies.

Full Ingredient List: water, rice bran oil,BTMS50 (natural emulsifier), avocado oil, coconut oil, glycerin, shea oil, stearyl alcohol, sodium lactate, chamomile extract, vitamin E, pure essential oils.


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