The Number One Reason Why!

Here is the rather personal story of how cancer touched me at an early age. This event has changed my awareness throughout my life and is the WHY I make Natural Products, WHY I care, WHY I stay motivated. One morning when I was a preteen my grandmother was visiting our home. I did not … Read more

There is science behind why our Lavender Rose Sugar Scrub is FABULOUS!

Yes, there is science to back this up. Our Lavender/Rose Sugar Scrub makes a great gift for yourself or a loved one! Exfoliate and at the same time let these all natural and luscious oils moisturize and feed your skin. Sugar is a natural humectant, meaning it draws moisture from the environment into the skin. … Read more

Lynchburg,VA & Richmond,VA here we come!

Our first order has arrived at Health Nut Nutrition in Lynchburg! Stop by and see Alva or Dave and check out their display of Thistle Hill Botanicals products! Our first order is in transit as I write this to Ellwood Thompson’s in Richmond, VA! If you love buying local/regionally and you love natural and effective … Read more

YES we can! Thistle Hill Botanicals can help you get some of the chemicals OUT of your daily routine!

Shop from your home-Keep on those Fuzzy Slippers!

YES, you can buy fabulous Spa quality natural products wearing your fuzzy slippers! Sugar Scrub made with REAL Roses and lavender, with luscious oils to nourish skin. Need a gift for someone who needs a bit of pampering?  Maybe you need some pampering?’s sugar scrub is made with organic sugars, organic oils, and organic … Read more

OUR FIRST Limited Edition Extra Rich Body Butter! Just in time for Valentines Day!  A Classic yet alluring blend of Roses fragrances with a little surprise of Oakmoss.  ENJOY!    

STOP Buying Expensive & Toxic Surface Cleaners!

You might have seen this already but it is worth repeating! Here is a GREAT way to SAVE $$$$ AND get more nasty chemicals out of your life!  Extremely versatile, inexpensive, all-natural, and effective with a low acidity of 5 percent, white vinegar is truly a hard worker and a great value. This is so … Read more

Lavender! Just listed our NEW Organic Lavender Deodorant in our shop!

YES, we are using Pure Lavender Essential Oil in our Famous “Finally” Natural Deodorant that Works!  So it our Light Citrus is not your thing you will probably LOVE LAVENDER!   Our Light Citrus Deodorant has been such a hit!  We asked and you answered….Lavender was the new scent our customers wanted, so here it is! … Read more

Our Popular FINALLY Natural Deodorant that Works! Now in Organic Lavender!

YES!  You asked and we answered!  Our Finally Natural Deodorant that Works is NOW available in BOTH LIGHT CITRUS, & ORGANIC LAVENDER!  in BOTH sizes.  Our 2 ounce size will last 3-5 months for one person and costs just $9.00, and our 4 ounce Value size for one person will last 7-9 months for just … Read more

Do you have Tea or Coffee Stains on your Teeth? This is Epic!

For more than 8 years now Thistle Hill Botanicals has been making, selling and personally using our Tooth Fairy Dental Cleaning Powder. We have received nothing but GREAT reviews from our customers (and from my dental hygienist)  Our ingredients are ALL Natural, Cruelty Free and Vegan, and include ingredients that mother nature herself approves of! … Read more